About – Kards 4 Soldiers

Kards 4 Soldiers is a project I started in 2010, under my organization Kards 4 You. Originally called Kards 4 Kids, because I made cards for kids in the hospital, then expanded to adults, doctors, nurses, and now soldiers.

When I was  16 years old and I wanted to give back to my community, and to my world.  I am grateful for health, family and my freedoms. There are others that are not so fortunate, like those in the hospital or rest home.  Others, still care for those who are sick or in need and we need to thank them. Then there are the brave ones, our soldiers that are out there fighting so I don’t have to. They are protecting my family and I, my community, and my world.

This project is all about just giving a word of thanks to those who often go unthanked.  Won’t you please join me, and thanking our soldiers for the brave and heroic deeds they do each day.


If you received a card from us, then our efforts were worthwhile, share it with a friend if they did not receive one.  You might be wondering who the person that signed it was.  It was a kid, a friend,  a parent, a girl, a boy, a grandmother, or any one who cared. They all want to send you a smile,  a laugh,  a  greeting,  to say Thank You for the efforts you are putting forth. We pray that you are home  soon. Write us a note, email us, send us a photo, we want to know that you got a card.

If perhaps your friend or buddy received a card, but you did not, we are sorry. I wish every soldier out there could receive a card, but my resources are limited. Getting a card to each soldier is quite a chore.  Read the notes, and look at the photos of cards, and kids, and people who care.  This web site is my Kard 4 You.

I have learned that giving an inspirational card to one person has a ripple effect. Not only does it benefit the recipient, and those around them, but also the giver.  I cannot fight on a battle field, rescue someone from   building, or help heal someone; but I can encourage each of them with a card.

      I would like everyone to experience the same joy and satisfaction that I did,when I received an email from a soldier. He said that the card I sent him reminded him of the place he called home, and kept him going in tough times.This made the time I put into making over 19,000 cards worth it all.

          I am working  to inspire others to choose to make a difference. I am contact youth; in schools, churches, and other organizations urging them to join me in sending cards to our soldiers, sick and elderly, police officers, and firefighters.

          I believe that together we can make the world a better place to live in,

                                                one card at a time.

God bless America, and God bless You!