High School Students – Volunteer Hours

Thank you to all our High School students who choose to spend their volunteer hours here. Each kard that you make will touch at least 5 people. Your volunteer hours can touch lives and make a difference. We want our soldiers to know that what they do is appreciated, and that because they are serving, we are enjoying freedoms here at home. Regardless of how you feel about war, no one wants someone to feel unwanted or unneeded.

Basic Guidelines

1. No glitter, glitter paper, glitter glue, or glitter stickers. Just no glitter!

2. Majority of kards are 8.5 x 11 paper cut in half either way – this makes 2 kards. Fold in half.

3. Decorate the front, and put encouraging words inside. You can type out a saying and print them on a 8.5 x 11 copy paper – 8-12 will fit on a page. Cut them out and glue them on.

4. Craft glue is best, especially gluing on cardstock or cardboard, etc. You can use glue sticks on thin paper, but use a lot of glue. Remember it gets to be 120 degrees over there.

Use the directions on this site, have fun, and contemplate the words you say. Whether you use the computer, hand write, color, or use stickers your kards will be appreciated.

Our kards are sent to over 200 locations overseas. Other kards are sent to Veterans, and to wounded soldiers.  Our sister organizations; Kards 4 Kids and Kards 4 You – sent kards to patients in hospitals, and nursing homes, Fire fighters, Police officers, Sheriff, and EMT. If you are interested in helping out in these areas, contact us or go to the web site:


Thank you Los Gatos High School, and Fischer Middle School, our newest school to join us.


4 Responses to High School Students – Volunteer Hours

  1. Moge Agahian says:

    Hello. My 16 year old son needs to fulfill 8 hours of community service hours by March 15. Are you still in need of Kards to be sent out? Do you provide a certificate that he can present to his counselor?
    Thank you.
    Moge Agahian
    Rye Brook, NY 10573

    • Ruth Cormier says:

      Thank you for your interest. Yes we will email you a certificate. We are always in need of Kards. Looking forward to receiving your kards.

  2. Deborah says:

    If i am in college but want to volunteer can I still help? Would a certificate also be sent out to me? Thank you!

    • kards4kids says:

      Yes Deborah, I can email you a certificate. We need all ages, and all kinds of people to help make kards. They are so appreciated by our military, and are a little way to show a tangible outpouring of our love. Thank you

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