Welcome. To those who love to scrapbook, make kards, crafts, or just have fun; this is the place.  We need Kards 4 Soldiers in every variety. Read the directions, get your materials together and get started.  If you want to start a group email us for help, ideas, or for us to come and help you get started the first time if you are in Santa Clara County. We have times and places some of us meet, let us know if you want to join us.

Most important :  No Glitter, or glitter glue. Use craft glue, or a lot of glue sticks.
Half a sheet of paper is the most common size, so a 8.5 x 11 will make 2 kards.
Bright cheerful, with thank you, and encouraging words.
Explain to Children:  

1. Do not to draw pictures of bombs, and guns, they see these things everyday.                                                                                                                                                                                 2. Do not  say things like I hope you don’t die,  or don’t lose a leg.
Some of our Kards are pictured below.  Yours do no have to look like this. The great thing is that each kard is so unique. Just be creative, write some meaningful words, and drop them off to us. Happy Kard making.

Address: 19750 Alma Bridge Road Los Gatos, Ca 95033

High School Students & those looking for service hours

You can make Kards 4 Soldiers in the comfort of your home, watching TV. Just have an adult verify your hours, ( include their name, phone number,  relationship, and how many hours & include with your Kards, along with your email.)  We will email you a certificate.Thank you for using your time to help out in this way, your kards can make the difference in someone’s life.


3 Responses to Kardmakers

  1. Melanie Ross says:

    Hello, who may I contact to discuss when my children and I can start the Kards, where to send, how many, and etc.?

    • kards4kids says:


      I need all ages of people making Kards. I will email certificates to any ages of people who help. Out soldiers are so appreciative of these tangible evidence of our love.

    • kards4kids says:


      The instructions are here. We accept cards anytime of the year, as we send them all year long. I know this can be a great time to spend with kid and helping them to learn to appreciate our military.

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