Memorial Weekend

2016- Bethel Remember, San Jose  Kards 4 Soldiers booth 

2015 – Bethel Remember San Jose

2014-Bethel Church, San Jose 

Set up at booth for visitors to this event come stop by and make Kards 4 Soldiers. We           also gave out Kards 4 Veterans.


2013 –  1.  Do a Good Turn- American Flag planting at Golden Gate Cemetery                       Wonderful Ceremony, Planted Flags on all the graves, handed out                                           Kards 4 Soldiers, and Kards 4 Veterans.

                2.  Chico Fair & judging Miss Heartshine Pageant (see fairs)

                 3.  Manteca Memorial Celebration                                                                                                  a.  Kards 4 Soldiers Booth
b. Escort of Police, 209 Motorcycles from PGR & Motorcycle Clubs 2  Corvets  & Miss California State – Ruth Cormier, leading  the Gold  Star Families
c. Memorial Ceremony dedicating the 12th panel of the wall
d. Meet and handed Kards 4 Veterans to over 200 Veterans

2012 –I had the privileged to help at the Do a Good Turn, Flag Planting at Golden Gate National Cemetery. Not only able to help plant flags, show my respect to those who fought for our country, but was able to meet some Veterans, and a couple of soldiers, and give them Kards 4 Soldiers.

I was able to attend the San Mateo Parade and walk with the USO. They have been allowing be to make Kards 4 Soldiers and Veterans that come through the SF Airport. I was also given a booth, and 100’s of people came and made Kards 4 Soldiers.

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2 Responses to Memorial Weekend

  1. Keith Blackey says:

    I am chairman of the Golden Gate National Cemetery Good Turn Flag Planting committee, was keynote speaker at the Cypress Lawn Memorial Day ceremony, attended several 101st Airborne events, and marched in the San Mateo Downtown Parade. With all that, my favorite moment of the weekend was receiving the ‘Veteran’ card from you. Thank you for making me feel welcome home!

    A grateful Vietnam Veteran

    • Ruth Cormier says:

      I am honored to have met you, and been able to give you a Kard. I wish I could given a Kard 4 Veteran to every Veteran. You let me know the occasion, and I will try to be there to provide a thank you Kard 4 Veteran to them all.

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