Miss California State



My acceptance speech

DSC_0947                                                     Miss Santa Clara County 2011



As Miss Santa Clara County it  is was my job to represent my county in the California State Leadership Conference, and Scholarship Competition. I had actually participated the year before as Ambassadress to Salute to Youth. It was a great opportunity to learn leadership skills, be interviewed, learn how to present ourselves, and speak in public.

DSC_0860                                                     Ambassadress of Salute to Youth

If you know me well, you know I do not like to speak in public. You also know that I will  speak if asked. Below you will find my acceptance speech.

I want you to imagine a huge crowd of people all moving along down a wide path to get to a stage. When they all get there  the audience finds their find their places and sits down in plush padded chairs. Someone steps up to speak,  then someone sings, while others play in the orchestra.

Do you see me?  ..No, ..well look closer, there I am in the back. I am serving punch to those who are thirsty. This is my comfortable place, in the back, not at the front,  not speaking or singing, or getting the attention.  So why am I here upfront tonight? ……I have been asking myself the same question !!! 

I had the idea to make a Kard 4  Soldier, well really a lot of Kards 4 Soldiers. Make a Kard, send it overseas,  no talking, or  meeting them, simple….. easy.   God had other things in mind.

He started opening doors for me, and slowly I approach them, peek inside, then walked through the door.  After a while I approached another door and again it opens.

I am a little leery now….. .I peek……. then look…….then go inside. Youth Focus, and it’s program Salute to Youth was one of these doors.  It looked innocent, gentle, nonthreatening,  I accept a nomination, and an award  (as I walked through the door) the door closed behind me.

I find myself in a friendly atmosphere, but suddenly I am asked to do something ( like speak )  I look behind me the door is still closed.  I accept, and as I accept another opportunity is presented to me: oh, it is just a little leadership conference, oh, and by the way, you will have to sing, or dance, but its lots of fun, oh, and you will be interviewed, and did I mention, you will have to speak, but you get to wear lots of pretty dresses. 

Most of you know the story. Each opportunity pulled you farther and farther in, gave you more and responsibility, and opportunities to serve, perform, and speak. This has been a challenge for me, for you see I was always that shy child, content to watch. Cooper and I grew up together, and many  times when  Cooper came over he  took my toys and played with them, but  I was content to just sit and watch him have fun.

This last year I have had to step up, take my toys back, give the speech, sing the song, and serve in whatever capacity I was needed.  My mom and I were just talking on Thursday before I was crowned Miss Santa Clara County . It really hit me.. . .

I am being crowned Miss Santa Clara County, that is not the back of the crowd, that is up front. I was having a hard time, and I told my mom that I did not deserve it, that I was not special  that I did not deserve any special treatment,  to be allowed special privileges to have my name called, to be in a parade.  As we talked she showed me this; (Shiny reflective paper) She explained to me about reflection, and deflection.

So here I am again, up front, and accepting this position  Miss California State. It does not mean I am the princess of California,  that I will be waited on and given special treatment. As Miss California State  I am to be the servant of California and it’s residents.

 I may be given the right of way to pass to the front of the line, but only to serve punch to the others behind me. I may have my name called out loud or be in a parade, but it is my job to wave to everyone, thank everyone, and be the light that shines out to the world.                                                                                                               

My crown may shine, but it does not shine on me, it reflects back to those who look at me. I will do my best to be worthy of this  title and crown, and be the lighthouse that reflects love back to the people of California, but most importantly to reflect the glory and praise to our heavenly father.

Thank you


What I accomplished in a year

July 27  Ruth was crowned  Miss California State

July 28 Luncheon – Speech

July 29 State Fair- meet people, walk around and see exhibits, talk to Veterans at                  Banner signing, give Kards 4 Veterans

Aug 2-4 Santa Clara County Fair –  Meet & Greet, Kards 4 Soldier Booth, organize parade

Aug 4 parade at Santa Clara County Fair

Aug 7 – National Night out – Kards 4 Soldier table – Santa Clara Picnic

Aug 9 Leadership conference

Aug 10 Leadership conference

Aug 11 Los Gatos Fiesta de Artes – Kards 4 Soldier booth

Aug12 Fiesta De Artes- Kards 4 Soldiers booth

Aug 17 Cut n paste luncheon & make Kards 4 Soldiers

Aug 23 Butte County Scholarship judging

Aug 24 USO- San Jose Airport  meet & greet soldiers, hand out Kards 4 Soldiers

Aug 25 Tracy  Bean Queen Pageant- judge

Sep 2 Santa Clara Baptist Church interview and speech Sunday morning during sermon

Sep 11 Oakhill Cemetery 911 Memorial PGR flags had out Kards 4 Soldiers, & Fire & Police

Sep 15 Santa Cruz Fair Show, Parade Meet & Greet – perform

Sep 16 Santa Cruz Fair show flute – Parade- perform

Sep 21 Stockton Fair –  Kards 4 Soldier booth

Sep 27 Los Gatos High School booth

Sep 27 Teacher of year – give out Kards 4 Soldiers

Sep 28 Run for the fallen – Sacramento –  meet Gold Star families, and hand out Kards

Sep 29 Youth citizen of the Year – speech

Sep 29  Run for the fallen

Sept 30 Run for the fallen

Sept 30  Stockton fair pick up booth and kards

Oct 7 Pumpkin Fair Morgan Hill-  Kards 4 Soldiers booth

Oct 12 Honor Flight S.F.– meet Veerans, give them Kards 4 Veterans

Oct 13  Kards 4 Soldier Event – SC Church 813 Kards 4 Soldiers made

Oct 14 –  3rd Annual Bay Festival  – Kards 4 Soldier event

Oct 17 – Hand out awards to Kids at Santa Clara Department of Education

Oct 22 – Deliver 1000 Kards to San Jose Police department – meet with Police Chaplain, and meet Police

Oct 30 – Ficher Junior High Interview about Kards 4 Soldiers

November 2 – Heart Academy – Kards 4 Soldier Event

Nov 2 – Greater Bay Area Talent Contest – Judge

Nov 3 – Greater Bay Area Talent Contest – judge

Nov 5 – Kards 4 Soldiers Kard Making event – Dorus ladies

Nov 5 – Nor Cal Alstars Kards 4 Soldiers kardmaking event

Nov 11 – Veterans Day Parade – Introduced at opening and giving out Kards 4 Veteran

Dec 2  Christmas Parade – performed a dance number at Manteca City Hall

Dec 5  Fisher Junior High make Kards 4 Soldiers

Dec 7  Make Kards with single mom’s as Heritage Home

Dec 8  Breakfast and Party at Washington School – meet, and helped with children

Dec 9   Performed a dance number – to help out in a performance

Dec 15 – Wreaths across America – participated in flag line with PGR, gave Kards 4 Veterans to those present, placed wreaths on gravesites, attended a ceremony at a gravesite

Jan 4  Mom’s & Grandma’s – Make 300 Kards 4 Soldiers

Jan 9 –  Kards with Operation Write Home – give them 150 Valentines  Kards 4 Soldiers

Jan 19  Cut n Paste – Kard 4 Soldiers – Santa Clara  1st Baptist Church  made 832 Kards

Jan 25 Judging Youth Focus – Bayside Community Church

Jan 27  Sunday Friends – Kards 4 Soldiers – made

Feb 2   Kards 4 Soldiers celebration 106,000 Kards made in 2012

Feb 11 Deliver Kards to Hospitals, and Veterans Hospital & Wounded Warrior Wing

Feb 13 Operation Write Home take 150 Kards 4 Soldiers

Feb 21 Gold Star Memorial – 125 Kards 4 Gold Star Families

Mar 1 California Spring Talent – judging

Mar 2 California Spring Talent – judging

Mar 3 Manteca Leadership Dinner – appear, meet & greet

March 8 Manteca Youth Focus Competition – judging

March 9 Manteca Youth Focus Competition – judging

March 11 deliver applications for Salute to Youth to schools

March 12 deliver applications to schools

March 13 deliver applications

March 14 fax applications

March 16 Kards 4 Soldier – kard making event

March 23 – Miss May Day pageant – judging 10am – 11pm

March 30 Moffett Field welcome 129th Rescue Wing

April 6 Kards 4 Soldiers booth at Little League baseball field

April 12 speak at Monte Vista Christian School

April 13 escort by PGR, and flagline at Crossfit, and giving 7,000 Kards 4 Soldiers

April 13 –  Dedication of Mountain View Post Office

April 14 – Basketball game 49rs and Sheriff – give out Kards 4 Sheriff

April 19  Honor Flight San Francisco Airport

April 20 Kards 4 Soldier – kard making event

April 26th Golf Tournament – sing National Anthem, and take photos with golfer, and booth

April 27 Veteran Memorial, packing boxes Kards 4 Soldiers, San Joaquin National Cemetery

April 29  Greet and Present awards to outstanding youth “Salute to Youth”

May 3 Sang “The National Anthem” at Travis Layfield Memorial Golf Tournament, handed out Kards 4 Soldiers & Veterans, Monitored the 10th hole for a hole in one.

May 13 – Attended Charlie Weydemeer Dinner & Bowl with the top High School Football players

May 17-18 I judged California State Talent Competition

May 25 – Judged Miss Heartshine Pagent, & attended the Chico Fair

May 25 – Placed flag at the graveside at the Golden Gate Cemetery – gave out Kards 4 Veterans

May 26 – Manteca Woodward Park memorial Weekend, Kards 4 Soldier Booth

May 29 Monticello Academy Art Auction – Kards 4 Soldier Booth

May 31 Atria Chateau Garden – Ceremony for Veterans, and helped the residents make Kards 4 Soldiers

June 3 – SPoke at the Monday Club – Women club established in 1885

June 11-6 Merced Fair – Kards 4 Soldiers Booth, Visited the vendors, and attended all activities

June 22 Welcome Home Veterans in San Jose Kards 4 Soldiers Booth

June 22 San Jose Saber Cats Football – Kards 4 Soldiers Booth

June 26-27 –  Judged Alameda County Fair Talent Competition

June 29 USO Event HP Park Kards 4 Soldiers Booth

June 3 – Show of Champions MC Alameda County Fair

June 4 Santa Clara COuntry July 4 Parade – Morgan Hill, ride in a convertible

July 8 MC Santa Clara Country Ambassadors Induction Dinner

July 9 San Joaquin City Council Ceremony

July 9 Sacramento – meet with Senator Beall – on the floor of the Senate

July 11 – Grand Opening Veteran Housing San Jose, – speak

July 12 – Open the State Fair

July 17 – Opening Lassen County Fair – judging competition

July 22-27 California State Accolades Scholarship Competition

July 24 – Tribute DInner – give speech

July 24 Competition – perform and speak

July 26 Competition – perform, and crown the new Miss California State






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