Opposition & Turning the other cheek

I was shocked that an organization did not want to send my Kards anymore. “Not personalized they said. Just photocopied, form letters. Not personal notes.” They do not want to  send thousands of Kards from one person or organization.

How personal can my  kards get? :

They live at my house for 1 year in the form of paper, that is cut in half, that was 7,500 pieces.

I spent about a month coming up with  good letter and kard  ideas. It is a little difficult to write to someone you don’t know, and be general enough to include everyone. I want my notes to seem as sincere as I am,  so I include a little about why, and how I am doing this.

I print each on my computer, then hand stamp: hand prints, foot prints, and stars on each one.

Then I personally sign each one, and usually add my age. That is over 20,000 signatures.

These Kards are in every room of my house, car, and even at my grandparents house. I never sit down without a box of kards in my lap to sign, stamp or fold.

My mother stamps a lot of the hand & foot prints. My Grandmother folds many thousands of kards.

My brother gives me tech support for the printer, and my dad pays for the ink.

I live and breath Kards for most of the year. When I finish Kards 4 Soldiers  in November,  I do Veterans Day Kards, then will start on the Christmas Kards for the hospitals in my area. Each patient will receive a Christmas Kard on their tray on Christmas & Valentines Day.

I have been given a few ideas.A great Captain home from Afghanistan  laid out all my options, and then offered to help me in anyway he could. He started an email campaign, and I have started to receive responses.

I could have gone to the Newspapers, TV, and told my story, got sympathy for a young 17 year old, who used all of her own resources to make 15,000 Kards, and then finds (the organization) won’t send them. That is not my way, I choose rather to turn the other cheek. 

I am appealing to them, and to you. I need help, and resources, if I am going to have to mail these. I am especially  concerned about the Christmas Letters, and that they reach their destination by Christmas.

I believe it is all about the soldiers, not about me. What do you think?

I awoke this morning to Captain Williams and his long and compelling email that he sent out. Already this morning I have received 7 emails, no 10.. and counting. All are encouraging, and all want me to send my kards and letters to them. They are all over the USA, so this is going to take some funds to get them sent.

Prayer needed for this situation. Stay tuned for the continuing saga

God bless America & God bless You


                                           I see a solution in sight. Stay tuned.

                                               My 1st mailing  to Afghanistan.

22,000 Kards 4 Soldiers were sent overseas. Many packages I sent, others were sent by my friends. I want to thank all those who help in this endeavor.   I have requests for 550,000 Kards 4 Soldiers per year. I can’t make that many, I am depending on you.

The next year we sent106,00 Kards – and going strong



6 Responses to Opposition & Turning the other cheek

  1. With you in prayer and support, Ruth. God will bless this and maybe in a way that you did not expect. Sending love and encouragement, Mrs. Berger

  2. Bill Williams says:

    CPT Williams here. I received one of Ruth’s kards while in Afghanistan. It was wonderful. A moment of sunshine from home. I hooked her up with some wonderful organizations that send stuff to Soldiers every month – and if my counting is correct – Ruth and friends [I wouldn’t do it alone] need to make 300,000 kards. Ruth does need your help [and mine] in the resources department – and prayers. Nuf said.

  3. Ruth Cormier says:

    I know that all of this happened for a purpose, and in the end it turned out for good. I have been blessed, and many doors have been opened to me. I am willing to continue in the path that God is leading me in.

    • armyengr says:

      And so – are we seeing an end to K-4-S

      Love the page

      Keep smiling

      CPT Bill

      • Ruth Cormier says:

        No end in sight! more doors keep opening, and I continue to walk through them. If I continue to get more address, I will continue. Good to talk to you.

  4. Kathy hewitt says:

    Ruth, I will proudly and happily include your Kards in Just Our Soldiers’ Helpers’ care packages. Please just let me know how to get started. I sent you an email earlier this morning with my contact information included. I love what you’re doing and I think you’re an amazing young lady! I wish more young people (and people in general) had your beautiful heart. Don’t let anyone discourage you from doing this wonderful thing. Our Troops need you!!

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