Photos of cards

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2 Responses to Photos of cards

  1. Rusty says:

    Hi my name is SPC Paquin and i just received one of your boxes and was wondering how i could tell these children how much it means that they did this for us. Much appreciated.

    • kards4kids says:

      Eveyone checks back here to messages. I also like to share photos if you send one of you and or your group.

      My goal was 50,000 Kards 4 Soldiers this year, and I made 78,000. My community and friends, schools, and club made 28,000. Together
      we sent 106,000 Kards to Soldiers,Veterans, Police, Firefighters, Sheriff, CHP, EMS, and hospital patients.

      Just replying means a lot. I go into schools and organizations, and share your letters we receive back, and they help motivate others to join us making
      Kards 4 Soldiers. Keep up the good work.

      God Bless America & God bless you.

      Ruth Cormier
      Executive Director – Kards 4 Soldiers

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