Police Officers

Dear Police Officer

I know you may not hear those words often, but they are what you are. You are an officer that keeps the peace, and oh so much more. I thank you for what you do each and every day, and I realize that you put your life on the line for me and thousands of people you don’t even know. I am sure there are some people you don’t even like, and you will risk you life to save them too.

I know you catch us speeding, and you have to give us tickets, (well not me, I don’t even drive yet) and some  people get mad at that. They are not really mad at you, really just themselves.

I know that soldiers, and firefighters get all the glory for what they do. Really you do a lot of the same things: protecting us, catching the bad guys, arriving at emergencies, and accidents.  I am sorry if you have never been thanked, I am sorry if you think your job makes   people think you are mean. Well think of it you wear this super uniform, carry guns, sticks,  tazzers, and mace. You are a little scarey,  maybe you could smile a little more.

I have never needed a Police Officer, but I know if I was in trouble, I would be able to find one that could help me right away. I know you would put your life on the line for me.

Thank you again for the tough job that you do,  someone’s got to do it Keep up the good work, and when you see me, smile it will make both of our days better.

Ruth Cormier

Executive Director, Kards 4 You



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