Soldiers – leave your messages & photos here

If you received a card from us, then our efforts were worthwhile. We hope you were blessed. Share your card with a friend if they did not receive one.  You might be wondering who the person that signed it was.  It was a kid, a friend,  a parent, a girl, a boy, a grandmother, or any one who cared. They all want to send you a smile,  a laugh,  a  greeting,  to say Thank You for the efforts you are putting forth. We pray that you are home  soon.

If perhaps your friend or buddy received a card, but you did not, we are sorry. I wish every soldier out there could receive a card, but my resources are limited, and the details  of getting them to each soldier is very difficult  Please click on the photos, and read what some of the cards said.  You are included in our thank you, we appreciate your willingness to serve our country. Praying for your safe return.

Thank you so much for serving your country. You are a true hero!

If you receive a card from us, and want to leave a note please do so here. We would love to hear that you received a card. Take a photo of  you with your card, or a bunch of your friends holding their cards, email it to look forward to hearing from you.

If you have a loved one serving, or if you are serving, let us you name, complete address, and how many people at you location. Everything is confidential, and will not be posted, but we will then be able to send you enough Kards for everyone there.

Message from a Veteran

Roland “Chappi” Garza   USN/USMC HM2 Veteran

Dear Ruth,

I appreciate you giving me the warm note from Wreaths Across America yesterday.

I am the Medical Officer of Squadron 188 of the Civil Air Patrol based at Oakland International Airport.  Squadron 188 is a search & rescue squadron. It is named after Amelia Earhart and was founded in 1988.

After the 9/11 attacks, I was looking for a way to serve my community & my country. I was a medical student at the time & recognized that unless I was a full fledged Physician that I would not be able to meet my potential to help.

In 2006 while in post doctoral training I was able to find what comported best for me, which was to join the Civil Air Patrol which is the auxiliary of the United States Air Force. It has been terrific teaching the squadron medical issues related to flying, and in general. I also teach the squadron First Aid & CPR/AED classes annually as an instructor for the American Red Cross.

I live and work in San Francisco as an Internist.

I hope my story was interesting to you to read.

Thank you for coming out yesterday, bearing the cold & meeting with me after the ceremony. Please keep supporting every person who serves the help our great nation in whatever capacity one does.  I know I appreciate it & I’m sure I speak for all who wear a uniform like myself. I hope you like the picture attached to this email.

God Bless!


41 Responses to Soldiers – leave your messages & photos here

  1. CM1(SCW)Thompson, John says:

    I received one of the cards from your group on the 18th of January, I can’t tell you how much it means to us to know that the children back home and adults alike still take time out of there own day to send us something. What your group does is outstanding I have served since the beginning and God willing the end is getting closer. Once again Thank You from all of us over here, and a special Thanks to Julianna who made the card I received.

  2. MSG Johnson, Reggie says:

    My unit received some of your cards and we are very pleased with the love and care that was put into them. Thank you very much for joining our team. Teamwork is very important to us and you took it upon yourselves to make cards to keep this part of the team uplifted as we go about our daily missions. Thank you again and a special thanks to Mo(12) and Eisileon for the cards that came to my section.

  3. CPT, Carcy, K says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely note and timeless efforts to reach out to our men and women in uniform to thank them for their service. In fact, it is you and many more young Americans like yourself, that I am thankful for. How proud it makes me feel when I get letters from the states, especially from young men and women, such as yourself.
    I appreciate your civic minded project as a Soldier and as an educator. As for the other cards, they were distributed out amoung the rest of our unit. I can assure you that your cards were a BIG hit and gave us all a little reminder of that wonderful place we call home.
    Again, I want to thank you and commend you for a job well done.

  4. Sgt Albert Blanco says:

    MY name is Sgt Albert Blanco, I am with a Marine currently serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I received a package today with candy and other goodies and opened a card from Marley, who is 9. I wanted to say thank you for your support and the sweets that we received. Your support back home means a lot to all of us out here, and is very appreciated. Thank you all very much for thinking of us and sending these great cards and gifts. They are certainly a morale booster!

    Sgt Blanco Albert L. USMC
    Kandahar Airfield Field, Afghanistan

  5. CH Ephraim Garcia says:

    Thank you Ruth for your wonderful card. I’m impress to see you have sent out over 9,000 of them! I am an Army Chaplain MAJOR serving in Kabul, Afghanistan. I will be sharing your card with the soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and other support personnel that attend services this coming Sunday. god bless you and God bless America!

    CH Ephraim Garcia

    • Ruth says:

      Dear Soldiers:

      Thank you so much for passing my Kards out. I would love a photo(s) of any of the soldiers holding a kard. to put on the web site. Kids from schools, and other people check the web site to see if there are messages, or photos.
      I am trying real hard to get more support, and help in making kards. I attend meetings, hold kards parties, make radio announcements, and speak at schools.

      My goal this year is 15,000 kards for soldiers, and I am well on my way. I also send kards to hospitals, nursing homes, fire, police, and sheriff through my Kards 4 Kids & Kards 4 You organizations – 6900 last year.

      Thank you for passing out the Kards, I pray that I am a blessing to someone, and that all of these soldiers come home safe and soon.

      Yes God bless America, and God bless all our soldiers.


  6. Master Chief Rieber says:


    I received your card today along with a few others in my group. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness, especially for what came with the card.

    You and the others are doing a great job of bringing a little bit of home to those off in the distance and it makes life a little easier for some of my younger troops who have not been away from home before. Thanks again.


    C. Rieber

  7. SSG Guerra, Ana says:

    SSG Guerra, Ana

    Submitted on 2011/10/21 at 11:04 am

    My name is SSG Guerra, I am currently deployed to Djibouti, Africa in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I received a card and hygiene package from Ruth age 17. I just wanted to thank you all for the support and the morale booster. We all appreciate the thoughts and hard work.
    thank you and God bless.

  8. 1SG Paul Donaldson says:

    Today my unit received one of your cards. I can’t tell you how much it means to me, not that you are grateful, but that you took the time to say so. To do so in such a manner is overwhelming! My card was signed by you and I have displayed it for the whole unit. I want to remind you that this is not a great country because there are men and women who serve to protect it. There are men and women who serve to protect it because people like you make this such a great country.

  9. CH Ephraim Garcia says:

    Hello Ruth,

    I just wanted to take a moment to pause and say thank you for the beautiful card you gave me at the Veteran’s Day Parade in San Jose.

    You see, I was a corpsman (medic) who saw and heard the last breath of my fallen Marines. For many years I have struggled with the nightmares of my dark pass and often wondered if my/our sacrifice really made a difference. I see so many youth who have no respect for the flag or who just don’t care about our history and though I should not pay attention, it causes my heart to burn.

    You need to know that you have touched my life and given me hope to carry on. Your smile & words, I will treasure for the rest of my life. God Bless you always.

    Freedom is not free.

    Roland “Chappi” Garza
    USN/USMC HM2 Veteran

  10. Michael Vaughn says:


    We received your card today and wanted to say thank you. Our office is manned by Americans, British and Australians, so appreciation comes from all of us. It’s amazing to see that people care enough to take time to do something like this.

    Thank You,
    SGT Michael Vaughn

  11. Brett Roberts says:

    Dec 13

    Dear Ruth,

    My name is SPC Brett Roberts (Ch. Assistant) and on behalf of CH Mark
    Olson we would like to thank you for the care package(s) and cards that
    you participated in sending. Everything, all the boxes/cards are
    awesome that you sent and well needed. All the items will be given out
    to whoever may need something, whenever they need something. As the CH
    and I travel the battle field, we see soldiers who often don’t have
    anything or just waiting for their package to come in. We are delighted
    to give them what they may need while in the field to get them by. It
    is citizens, church groups, schools and a loving community like you
    along with our family that keep the morale and welfare up and going.
    You guys are awesome, awesome, awesome…We love you and we thank you
    again for the support and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
    Hope you have/had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    SPC Roberts
    3-21 IN, CH Assistant

  12. Daniel Zimmerman says:

    Dec 14

    Dear Ruth,

    Wow!! 15,000 cards? That’s incredible. I received your packages today
    and enjoyed opening them up. I am currently stationed in Western
    Kangarhar Province, Afghanistan at a FOB (forward operating base) named
    Connolly. Christmas is rapidly approaching and you are correct our
    hearts do often go home. I find myself thinking of my wife and my
    son every day and how I wish I could be there with them. However,
    we are just doing our jobs; our families and supporters like you are the
    true heroes. My wife & son work very hard to support me and my guys.
    My wife is my FRG (Family Readiness Group) Leader and my son helps out
    whenever there are meetings. They do fundraisers, fun outings, and
    provide everyone of my Troopers’ families with information on a daily
    basis. She is probably the best FRG leader in the entire Army. I’m not
    just saying that because she’s my wife either. I will not be able to
    eat half of the stuff you sent in the boxes so I will share it all with
    my Troopers.

    My name is Captain Daniel Zimmer and I serve in the US Army as a Troop
    Commander. My Troop is called Comanche Troop and we are part of a
    larger unit called a Squadron. 3rd Squadron-4th US Cavalry to be exact.
    Our home base is located in Schofield Barracks on the lovely Island of
    Oahu, Hawaii. My Troop is made up of Infantrymen and an attached
    section of Military Policemen and women. Right now, it is very cold here
    in Afghanistan. It seems funny because 3 months ago I was hoping for
    winter. The summers are hot and hot!! It reaches about 120-130 degrees

    As far as MRE’s go, we do eat them sometimes but we have something
    called a DFAC (Dining Facility). We get normal meals 4 times a day if
    we want it. We have access to computers, TV’s, phones, and a gym to
    work out in when we are feeling the need. I run on treadmills and lift
    weights occasionally. But walking around in the mountains is all the
    exercise I need. We work with the Afghan Police, the Afghan Army, and
    the Afghan Border Police. The language barrier is probably the toughest
    thing to get around. Culturally, the Afghans are very different from us
    but they are some of the most hospitable people I have ever met. For
    example, it doesn’t matter who you visit or how rich or poor they are,
    when you visit you are always, and I mean always served tea and sweets
    like cookies, toffee, nuts, dried chick peas, or pine nuts. They ask us
    to stay for every meal and when they cook, they go all out. Beef,
    Sheep, Goat, Chicken are the meats. Then they serve potatoes, onions,
    tomatoes, Okra, and even some things I have never heard of. It all
    tastes good; well most of it anyway.

    The good thing about being a Soldier is the family we create amongst
    ourselves. The bond between Soldiers is indescribable. We have each
    others’ backs every minute of every day and would lay our lives on the
    line for anyone in our unit.

    Again, thank you so much for the great boxes and letter. Please thank
    everyone who helped put them together. I saw a picture of a group of
    people. If you know them, please say thanks. I think they are part of
    the Blue Star Mom’s club or something. Anyway, thanks again and keep it
    up. Your cards make a difference and the guys love reading them and
    eating the snacks.

    Daniel Zimmer
    CPT, IN Commanding

  13. Trevor M. Dodge says:

    I received some kards from Ruth in a care package send from Freeport PA. I wish to thank her and all the volunteers…certainly brought a smile to my face. This is my 4th deployment and likely my last..getting close to retirement and moving on to bigger and better things! Thank you again,

    SSG Trevor M Dodge

  14. Gilliam, Rodney P CPT MIL USA FORSCOM says:

    Thank you for the Valentine poem. As Soldiers we really do appreciate your patriotism and your commitment to support we who are serving down range. Soldiers on the JCOP’s are the ones most likely to suffer from combat stress and PTSD when they return to the States. Soldiers on the FOB’s suffer from lonliness and boredom. All off them experience the difficulties of separation from their family’s and loved ones. As a whole – we are all kind of a family within a family. Ruth, your patriotism and interest in the military is admirable. Have you considered a military career? It appears that you enjoy writing. Have you ever considered a career in media or journalism? The Army has that sort of thing you know. Well – I wish you all the best Ruth.

    Take care and God bless,

    Chaplain Rodney Gilliam

  15. Hayward, Preston J MAJ USA USA KDHR CJTF PALADIN SOUTH says:

    Ruth–thanks for the card. An excellent idea. Keep up the hard work.

  16. Jonnathan C. Smith says:

    I received this awesome letter today from you. Wow you really have a way with words. Your paper is definitely colorful and lights up my whole desk. Sometimes it gets pretty lonely out here there is only a few of us and the majority of us are guys. A letter from a female gets high attention, because it reflects a newness, and profound sense that is not in us. Basically women have a way with words that guys will never get.

    Out here in Oman as you can see from the picture it is dry and dusty. Lately the winds have been as high as a tropical storm and have caused dust to blow everywhere. It is especially hard because we live in tents. I don’t know if you will see that from the picture. I lay awake at night just listening to the ripple of my tent. Sometimes I just get up and go for a walk around the camp to avoid the noise of my tent. It is always sunny here. I don’t think it ever rains.


  17. Kimberly Nash, Maj, LG says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I just wanted to say thank you for the Kards4Soldiers that were sent to my unit. I am stationed at Kandahar Airfield and a member of the Brigade Aviation unit. We have Apache, Kiowa, Chinook, and Blackhawk helicopters that we fly to support the troops on the ground in Regional Command South. Your cards brightened the day in my unit and I just wanted to say thank you. Keep up the good support and God Bless America.
    Kimberly D. Nash
    MAJ, LG

  18. SGT Dana Cox says:

    My name is SGT Dana Cox and I just received one of your cards. I am the
    Public Affairs Officer/NCO for my Battalion. Right now we are deployed
    to Kandahar, Afghanistan. We are an ARMY National Guard Battalion out of
    the Heart of Dixie, Alabama. I would love to include a short story
    about you in the April newsletter I do for our Battalion each month.
    Thank you for what you are doing. It means a lot to soldiers to know
    there are people like you out there…. I am putting your card in my
    deployment scrap book. Thanks!

    SGT Dana Cox

  19. MAJ Dale Papka says:

    To Ms. Ruth Cormier-

    On behalf of the Paratroopers of my section, please accept the attached
    letter of appreciation to you and all involved in your wonderful
    movement of support!!

    MAJ Dale Papka

  20. Ron Walters says:

    Thank you so very much for this WONDERFUL email, Valentine Letter. I hope you don’t mind but I shared this letter with all my FaceBook freinds

    Your Soldier…..Ron

  21. SGT. Jonathan Payne says:


    Thank you for the Valentine. It’s very awesome to say the least, I’m not sure how many you sent out, but I’ve seen quite a few being handed out and read here. Thanks for you honesty and love.
    Over here (Afghanistan) it seems I’ve picked up a hobby -running. It has been helping me stay fit but also helps to keep my stress levels low. To be honest I never really cared to run (even though I have 9+ years in the military), I guess I finally picked it up though, or maybe it is because I am out here (I didn’t really run in Iraq?!) -I suppose I’m not to sure..I guess but I’ve been away from home 8 months and am begining to get bored / stir crazy..

    Anyways, thanks again for the Valentine, you’re doing an awesome thing!

    Sgt. Jon Payne

    “Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.”
    William Butler Yeats

  22. Kameron Mills says:


    My name is Brandon Mills and I am a U.S. Soldier currently deployed to Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan. Myself and the others deployed with me received many letters from you today. We would all like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your gratitude and efforts are highly appreciated. You made a big impact in many lives. Thank you again and I hope you are doing well.

    -SPC Mills

  23. Michael J. Wiseman says:

    To All Who Wrote:

    As a soldier who has been deployed for 11 months now, I can say that the
    support from writing people like you has been a true blessing. Going
    over a stack of cards, it is beyond words to explain the gratitude for
    those who put pen to paper – to let us know that our actions were
    appreciated, our sacrifices were not forgotten, and – most important –
    that we were being prayed for.

    Especially in an era of growing electronic communications, getting a
    hand-written card or letter means all the more!

    By your actions, you have added definition to the quote below from G.K.
    Chesterton. Therefore, please know that your time spent reaching out was
    not in vain. I hope too you will realize that your impact is much
    broader, and more profound, than you will ever know.

    But by grace, with thanksgiving,

    Michael J. Wiseman

  24. Michael J. Wiseman says:

    Dear Ruth,

    I received your letters via “Operation Write Home”. They have been a
    tremendous support while I was deployed, if only because they provided a
    platform for communication by giving us use of handmade cards – which I
    have used on almost a daily basis to keep in touch with my wife and

    And I thank you for your efforts. They are commendable. But, as the
    war draws down overseas, I would not be discouraged. Rather, I would
    encourage you to take forward the many good lessons you have learned by
    stepping out and determining to make a difference.

    Speaking of drawing down, today is actually my last day in theater. Our
    unit departs tonight and, if all works per plan, we could be back home
    in Ohio by this Sunday night. Hence, I have been slow to respond as we
    try to focus on all the last-minute activities.

    If you have never read “Do Hard Things”, by the Harris brothers, I
    commend it to you. I first read this about five years ago and
    immediately bought a copy for each of our three (now grown) children.
    But, from what you have done so far, it sounds like you are well on the
    way to using the gifts God has given for your greatest good and His
    greatest glory.

    May God bless you Ruth, and may you never cease pursuing and doing that
    which is best.

    But by grace,

    Michael J. Wiseman

  25. Kameron Mills says:


    My name is Brandon Mills and I am a U.S. Soldier currently deployed to Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan. Myself and the others deployed with me received many letters from you today. We would all like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your gratitude and efforts are highly appreciated. You made a big impact in many lives. Thank you again and I hope you are doing well.
    My name is Brandon Mills and I am a U.S. Soldier currently deployed to Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan. Myself and the others deployed with me received many letters from you today. We would all like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your gratitude and efforts are highly appreciated. You made a big impact in many lives. Thank you again and I hope you are doing well.
    -SPC Mills

  26. Chaplain Rod Gilliam says:

    Shortly after Christmas I left combat theater to visit my family on R&R in Germany and Italy. We had a wonderful (much needed) time together. As I returned to Afghanistan I quickly learned that our mission is changing. In the next few months our organization will go in many directions both
    here in Afghanistan and back to the US. As for me I will be returning to the US to work as a rear Detachment chaplain to oversee care of our wounded and their families until our entire unit has returned home. It’s for this reason that our unit will not be needing any more cards in that our mission and location is about to shortly change.
    Ruth, you have been great. Again I want to express my deepest appreciation for your selfless service to our unit. We may never meet in person but I will never forget you and your efforts. I plan on keeping several names of people in my database to keep updated as our Troops start coming home and perhaps assistance in any future operations around the globe. Thanks for your service Ruth. You are a great American. God bless,

    Chaplain Rod Gilliam

  27. Lyle R Milliman, P.E. says:


    Thank you for the letter. It is great to have your support while we are
    over here. I hope you enjoyed the holidays and spent as much time as
    possible with those people that make your life full and enjoyable. The
    holidays are a time of year that are often consumed by the up tempo pace
    to fit everything. I trust the holidays did not simply pass you by.


    Lyle R Milliman, P.E.

  28. Tarteasha Williams says:

    Dear Kards 4 Soldiers,

    I received a beautiful well versed letter from a young lady name Ruth. Her letter has warmed my heart. I just would like to express my gratitutde and thank her. Her letter made a diffference for me this Holiday. Thank you all.

    With love from Kandahar, Afghanistan,

    SGT Tarteasha Williams

  29. MAJ John P. Trevino says:

    Thank-you for the Card I received today – Christmas Day.
    I’m at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, supporting the Minnesota Army
    National Guard, Thank-you for what you do

    Merry Christmas to you,

    MAJ John P. Trevino

  30. John A Landrumf says:

    SFC John A Landrum
    23 April 2012
    I would like to take the time to thank Christiana for the nice card she sent, she is 10 years old and colors very well. The card brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart just knowing that America is still strong and supportive of all the troops deployed throughout the world. Again I say thank you Christiana and GOD BLESS YOU.

  31. click says:

    How do you make your site look this awesome. Email me if you want and share your wisdom. Id appreciate it.

  32. Sgt Trevor Dodge says:

    I returned from a deployment on February 12th, 2012 and your letter addressed to me criss crossed the globe until today, when I finally received it while at Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington State.

    It was sent prior to Valentine’s Day and was truly heartfelt. I read it aloud to my soldiers and heard some sniffling after. I felt I had to email to let you know I am back ( first of all ) and that I received your letter, albeit a tad later than you may have expected me to get it.

    Thank you for the letter, and all that you have accomplished both with help and on your own! I will keep the letter as I am retiring early next year and will add it to the handful of “best of the best” cards and letters that I plan to showcase throughout my home.

    All of my soldiers and troops from the Battalion returned safely home and I am happy to report that there were no injuries that were life threatening during our time away from home.

    Thanks again and continue to do what you do for soldiers. It does mean a lot to us!

    Trevor M Dodge
    SSG, US Army

  33. CPT Towns says:

    Dear Kards 4 Soldiers,

    Thank you so much for the card I received! Our Soldiers really enjoyed reading through the cards. It’s a nice reminder that people are thinking of us back home. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Please continue to send your cards to Soldiers. It really brightens our day!

    Very Respectfully,
    CPT Towns


    Hey Ruth!
    Merry Christmas!!! (a little early)

    Thank you very much for your efforts to make Soldiers feel a little bit
    of the Christmas spirit while so far from home. Please know that it DOES

    We really don’t have it too bad where we currently are, and with the war
    winding down to a closure, conditions are really different than they
    were when I was over here in ’03. No matter what may be happening, it is
    very nice to know that wonderful Americans such as you care enough to
    give of your time and resources to make people aware that they are still
    in the thoughts and prayers of those we serve back home.

    I can only say that I speak for all of the other Soldiers whom I know
    feel the same way, when I say Thank you and God Bless you. It is special
    what you have done, and it’s people just like you that make our service
    worth it.

    I hope you and your family enjoy celebrating Christmas together this
    year, and know that many of us are glad to know that you are, because
    that’s what America means to us. We have been so blessed as a nation,
    and many of serve to do our part to make sure we continue to be that
    awesome nation for our kids and grandkids.

    Again, a sincere Thank You, and all of my appreciation! God Bless You!!



  35. SFC Ravega, Fernando says:

    Dear Ruth,

    Thank you for sending this letter. I do not know if I am your 9,000
    person you wrote to but, I feel special that you have thought about
    those that did not have the opportunity to be home for the Holidays.

    I has been a long deployment for us here. We come from all over
    California and throughout the remainder of the states. We have been
    deployed for some time now and are getting ready to be spending some
    well needed family time. Some for the Soldiers who have witnessed the
    birth of their child over Skype and those have spent birthdays and
    anniversaries away from their loved ones never really complaining that
    they wished they were home knowing that they were doing their small part
    in one way or another.

    I want to thank you for the sacrifices that you have done for
    remembering us over here. We will all enjoy the goodies that were sent
    with these letters.

    Thank You,

    SFC Ravega, Fernando


    Thank you so much for the card. It was very enlightening and touched my heart to receive your thoughts. You have all my respect, you set goals and you exceeded them! People like you can go very far, you keep that in mind and don’t let anyone take that from you! God Bless!


  37. Allan Field says:


    I am writing to Thank You for your letter that came in a care package we received. A few of my close friends and I passed around the letter reading it silently to ourselves. I looked at their faces as they were reading and it seem that it brought comfort and relaxation to each of them as it did me. Reading words of comfort from people like you always brings us joy and helps remind us why we do what we do. Your letter now hangs on the wall next to my bunk next to a card from the Girl Scouts Troops 1177 and 1625. Your love and caring is greatly appreciated by me and my brothers in arms. One thing I ask of you is to not sacrifice so much sleep and rest to show your thanks to us. That’s why we do it so you don’t have to. Enjoying your life and being a good citizen is thanks enough. Again, I want to thank you for your letter and appreciation for us. You are awesome!!!

    Much Love and Respect,
    Allan and Brothers In Arms

  38. heaandgea says:

    Dear Ruth,

    The unit I support here in Kabul, Afghanistan just recieved a care package with your cards and letters. I can’t believe how hard you worked and how much your idea has grown. Thank you so very much for your dedication to making your dream a reality. It’s so nice to see first hand the difference your cards make.

    Merry Christmas and Wishes for a joyous new year!
    Heather Anderson
    Hometown – Valrico, FL

  39. David Winegar says:

    Dear Ruth,

    Thank you so much for the card I received which got here in Kosovo New Year Eve! I really enjoyed looking at the art from the kids, reading the cards, and the letter from you. It’s a nice reminder that people are thinking of me beisdes my family back home. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Please continue to send your cards to Soldiers. It really brightens our day! It’s also awesome to see that a person as young as yourself in California is reaching out to others and making a difference in this world. Keep it up!!

    Sincerely another Californian,
    SGT David Winegar

  40. SSG Flores says:


    I appreciate everything you have done for us. We know it is tough on the families and communties we leave. I loved how the card was handmade and had a personal message in it. I am lucky enough to finally be coming home after a 15 month tour. I know some of my brothers and sisters were not allowed to do the same. I pray for them. Please continue being a great person. Thank you. You are the greatest!

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