Thank you reception

                             A presentation by the Patriot Guard Riders                                     


Ruth Cormier  & Captain William Williams

A Dinner reception was planned to thank all the supporter of Kards 4 Soldiers. The guest was Captain William Williams, recently home from Afghanistan. Captain Williams received a box of Kards 4 Soldiers last year from Ruth Cormier. After he sent  her an email to thank her, they began to correspond. When she needed help this year to get her Kards 4 Soldiers overseas, he started an email campaign. Williams was just one of many people who helped get the total of 22, 000 Kards overseas.

Santa Clara County Supervisor Mike Wasserman was also instrumental in helping Ruth. He emailed Ruth many times, and made many suggestions. He emailed some key people, which produced  a newspaper article that brought many more people to help. The 1st person to email Ruth and send a donation was Veteran Roger Pence, also though not able to attend this event, his donation sent 7 packages overseas.

“This is a true picture of community spirit, and patriot involvement,”says Ruth Cormier. She hold a drawing of a small tree with 3 branches, and explains this is my organizations last year. Kards 4 Kids, Kards 4 You, and Kards 4 Soldiers are the 3 branches, and that is about all there was. Now she hold a large drawing of a huge oak tree, and each branch represents someone who helped her and her organizations. “Captain Williams has taught me,  explains Ruth. It is not what you know, it is who you know, and this is an example of that.”

The evening began with an escort from the Patriot Guard Riders, from Los Gatos to San Jose. Ruth meet the Patriot Guard Riders at the San Jose Veteran Parade, when she handed out 500 Kards 2 Veterans.  Ruth & Captain Williams were received at Bayside Church, by friends,  supporters, and the Patriot Guard with a flag line. A dinner was provided, and display table were set up to see Kards 4 Soldiers, photos of soldiers, veterans, and hospital patients Ruth has sent kards to.  After dessert, a flag ceremony by Josh Cormier, David Spitzer, Daniel Black, Cooper Dauer, and Tim Biesener and the pledge of alliance. Ruth Cormier served as master of Ceremonies, and gave the 1st speech, follow by Captain Williams talking about receiving packages, and Afghanistan.

Mike Wasserman, Santa Clara County Supervisor made a special effort to get there to present Captain Williams with a certificate. He 1st stopped and spoke about meeting Ruth, and his impressions of her and what she is accomplishing. He was very instrumental in helping her with her Kards 4 Soldiers. “We have been very impressed that he personally emails her to give her ideas and advice,” said Debi Cormier, Ruth’s mom. He is a very in tuned representative, and very much involved in the community. ”

Another Certificate came  from Assemblyman Richard Gordon, and Ruth presented Captain Williams with a trophy for all his mentoring and help with Kards 4 Soldiers.  Mrs.Galloway from Youth Focus surprise Ruth with a letter of accommodation. Youth Focus has been very supportive of Ruth, and her varies community service projects. Youth Focus helped Ruth get a place for the reception, put her into contact with key people, and provided her with a booth at the Santa Clara County Fair: where 500 Kards 4 Soldiers were made. Ruth is Ambassadress of Salute to Youth a program in Youth Focus.

To close the evening Ruth & Captain Williams read a valentine Duet. Captain Williams wrote his Feb. 14, 2011 to all his supporter, including  Ruth. Ruth wrote hers to be read on Feb 14, 2012 to Captain Williams and all the soldiers, marines, sailors, and heroes overseas.


1 Response to Thank you reception

  1. Vikki says:

    Ruth-You are truly an inspiration. Los Gatos is proud to have you represent Miss Santa Clara County. Keep up the great work you do for our troops.

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